New Year, New You

New Year New You
Here we go! New Year, Fresh Start
I am so excited to start blogging on the Live Food Yogi Website! What a great way to start the New Year. We have so much planned for 2016: Meetups, classes, seminars, workshops, etc. Keep an eye on our calendar to see what we are up to and what we have to offer.
Let's talk about the New Year, a fresh start. So many people make New Year's resolutions, but how many actually stick to it?
Well, about 150 million Americans make one every year! WOW. One quarter will abandon their resolutions in just one week. Ultimately, only 8% will be successful! That means there are quite a few who will be disappointed. They will still have those bad habits, those unwanted pounds to shed, etc. So, what can we do differently to have the chance of being more successful?
I have learned that making realistic goals and sticking to them increases success rates. Follow these steps that I have outlined:
1. You Gotta Believe
It's so important to believe it's possible. We have to believe that improvement is possible, get past our doubts, then we move in the right direction.
2. What have we learned from the Past?
Sometimes we feel trapped in doubts about what we can accomplish because we may not have dealt with the past effectively. How do you really feel about last year? What really worked for you, what did not. If we really learned the intended lessons, only then can we plan something even better for the future.
3. Realistic Goals
Unfortunately, good intentions won't completely take us to the next level. We have great ideas, plans, etc, but they don't exactly fit into our current reality. Perhaps our career goals do not align themselves with family life, etc. Whatever the gap is, the more friction that occurs, the less momentum takes place.
4. Get out of your Comfort Zone:
What? You have to admit, it is more comfortable to play-it-safe. But, unchallenging goals won't allow us to grow. They won't energize or inspire us. Also, goals that do not challenge us will not afford us the opportunity to develop our creativity or resourcefulness. Only goals that bring us outside our comfort zone will enable us to truly shine and feel awesome about we accomplish.
5. Know your "why"
Sometimes we set goals and we really don't think through as to WHY they are important to us. So, getting in shape is great! But why? Getting out of debt sounds awesome, but why? Improving our relationships is terrific, but why? When we are not truly clear on the WHY, we could easily lose our motivation. By connecting to WHY, what truly matters, we have to connect to what is at stake with the goals. What will we gain upon accomplishing these goals, and what will we lose if we don't.
6. Shine!!!
Too often we are satisfied with just coping. At times, all that stands in the way of our goals is our own inaction. Creating a to-do list is quite different than making a deliberate change. It is a great start! But, it's only the beginning of the journey. Our goals must be important enough to us to start scheduling our lives in a different way. In this way, we are able to begin to break tasks down into actionable steps! Also, we could share ours goals with those we trust who will help keep us accountable and celebrate with us on our victories!
So, my "word" for 2016 is EVOLVING!! Great powerful word. Let us evolve emotionally so that our goals may transform from vague aspirations to intentional action!
Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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