The Cabin in the Mountains

Craig at the cabin in winter
The trees; pines, maples and white oaks, stand quietly as the early winter breeze blows through them knocking off the last of the dead twigs and leaves which sound like small animals tramping about as they hit the leaves covering the ground. In all directions the trees cover the hills leading up to the highest peaks surrounding the cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains a bit West of Asheville North Carolina and not too far from the Tennessee line. It’s been cloudy and chilly but I’m warmed up from gathering the wood needed to keep the firebox full of a warming fire for the night.
It’s been quite a journey from living each day defined by the stress of a Corporate Career, the demands of a Suburban lifestyle and the pressure to conform  to the status quo. The journey is to find wellness, purpose, abundance, joy and a deep, centered peace. The kind of peace I find at this cabin. From watching the wildlife outside the windows, songbirds, deer, elk and wild turkey (I am a vegetarian and don’t hunt the land so I guess they feel safe to come around!) to sitting on the porch watching the sunlight reflect off the mountain peaks or sitting in front of a roaring fire staring into the flames there always comes this deep sense of peace and contentment.
The journey has led to a challenge. That challenge is to find a way to live with that same sense of peace and contentment when I’m not at the cabin. When I’m working in the city, or living in the suburbs or feeling pressured by the way the world is today. The way to meet that challenge is through High Vibration Living, the kind of living that comes somewhat naturally up at the cabin, but may require a bit of effort out here in the world away from the cabin.
Kundalini Yoga, meditation, live food and essential oils have formed the basis for tools promoting High Vibration Living. As the Live Food Yogis, Jeanne and I have developed workshops and fun events to share these tools and how to use them with others.
As my future blogs share stories about the cabin in the mountains and High Vibration Living, it is my hope that you too may be inspired to live your life today-wherever you reside and work-as if you are living in a cabin in the mountains.

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