Manifesting Your Intentions

This is the time of year when we are more inclined to reflect on yet another year passing and to get clarity on our intentions for the New Year.  It was always my belief that the final question on Life would be the following:  Were you happy with your Life?  What defines happiness differs from person to person.  As young adults, we are brainwashed into believing that happiness is about money, power or fame.  Even Maslow’s hierarchy can fall short of what comprises happiness for each person.  I was amazed when in the movie, The Bucket List, Morgan Freeman spoke about  Egyptian Mythology.  It is said that in Egyptian Mythology there are only two questions a person will be asked after he died.  And, his fate, whether to enter heaven or not, depends on his answer to those questions:
How would you answer both questions?  Take the time to ponder what joy means to you and how much you find and bring into your life and those around you.
So, as you step into this brand New Year, here are some inspiring questions to consider:
What is the meaning of your Life?
If you had an elevator speech for your Life, what would it be?
If you could sum up what is important to you in 25 words, what would they be?
What is on your Manifestation List for 2016?
At the beginning of each New Year, many of us dust off our old resolutions and recycle them.  Then, we forget and let them slip from out attention until the next year.  The good news is that we can change that to a positive outcome.  How?  Let us take a closer look….
Ask yourself, what it is you want.  What makes you feel most alive, connected and successful?  What do you most want to experience in your life?
Imagine yourself having what you want.  Use ALL your senses to create the imagery.
What does it look like when you have it?12571093_10205807580057873_1158173761_n
What do you hear?
How does it feel?
Make the picture or impression as intense as you can.  Add color, sound and movement until you get the feelings of already having it.
A resolution refers to something you have to figure out, an action you take with firm determination.  Sounds like hard work.  That’s not bad, but it isn’t what you most need in order to get you what you want in the long run.  An intention is a purpose held in mind, a desired goal you want to experience.  It is more than hope or a wish.  It is a steadfast fixed idea.  Just thinking about having, being or doing it gives you pleasure.  Your raw authentic emotions are the innate power in your intentions.
Of course, there are those underlying beliefs that can get in your way.  I can’t have what I really want.  It’s too hard, I’m not experienced enough, etc.  Those kinds of thoughts are like barriers to your desires.
Take an earnest look at your beliefs and see what needs to be changed so that you are more aligned with your intentions.  Keep your attention and your focus on what you DO want.  Use positive, constructive imagery.  Let go of limiting beliefs.  Keep your intention firmly in mind and repeat it often.
Have a great week!

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