Mountain Energy

The cabin
Being at the cabin in the mountains is high vibration living for me. Raising my personal vibration comes from the energy of the mountain itself.
The Great Smoky Mountains have been around for quite awhile and have been home to some wonderful communities during that time. I often wonder who inhabited my little piece of the mountain; certainly many Native Americans including the Cherokee. As I walk the land I honor those who have been here before me. I feel we are all connected in some way through the energy of the mountain.
The mountain energy along with the natural spring water for drinking, fresh air for breathing, good soil for growing food for eating and trees for warmth as firewood all provide the basis for living with a raised personal vibration. Also, the energy of the wildlife on the land adds to this positive vibration too. I don’t eat meat and do not allow hunting on my land so the deer, elk and wild turkey must feel safe as they are more numerous here than on the surrounding land that is hunted.
There are many ways to raise your vibration without living in a cabin on the mountain. As the Live Food Yogis we help folks attain a high vibration lifestyle using our Yogic Toolbox of vibration raising techniques. Look for future blogs to present these techniques from both on and off the mountain.

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