Celebrate the Lavender Harvest with July’s PV promotion!

July is full of hot days and celebrations and a special harvest that’s the best of both! No matter if you’re able to join us for Lavender Days at our Mona, Utah, farm, we invite you to reap the rewards of our labor of love and enjoy our world-famous Lavender oil.

Click here to learn more about how your order can qualify for these rewards or shop now for these essential oil-infused products. Make the most of your free products this month by trying some of our usage suggestions:



Lavender essential oil isn’t just a favorite because of its classic scent—it’s also highly versatile. From skin care products to relaxing routines, Lavender is a welcome addition to any lifestyle, home, or regimen.

  • Give yourself a retreat for one by combining 1 cup Epsom salt with 4 drops Lavender oil and adding to a hot bath.
  • Unwind after a long day with a Lavender-infused neck or back massage or add a few drops to your lotion for an all-day uplifting fragrance.
  • Make a versatile Lavender spray by combining a few drops of oil with distilled water in a spray bottle. Spritz on your pillow before bed or use as a room freshener to banish stale odors!


Progessence PlusProgessence Plus

A special combination of Young Living favorites Sacred Frankincense, Cedarwood, Bergamot, and Peppermint essential oils, along with USP-grade progesterone from wild yam extract, Progessence Plus keeps your skin looking as young as you feel.

  • Combine with Lavender essential oil to give this refreshing serum a relaxing, uplifting fragrance.
  • Add to your favorite moisturizer and apply directly to your skin to reduce the look of fine lines.
  • Apply to skin during your morning or evening routine to maintain its radiant look.


What’s your favorite way to use Lavender? Share with us in the comments!