A Skyrider Wilderness Ranch for the Ladies


Okay, one more thing. I have been inundated with requests, and I can’t believe this is real; so I need a show of hands—how many of you women would like to have a Women’s Camp? Holy smokes! I thought there might be just 5 or 6 of you! Okay, next year there will be a Women’s Camp. Maybe a couple. It just depends on how many of you would like to attend.

All right, so these are wonderful things that we’re looking at putting together and creating to give everyone a great opportunity to experience life in a greater way. Also, it gives me the opportunity to be with you in a smaller group, where we don’t often have that today. So, I really look forward to it.

When we did the Men’s Camp last year, it was one of the most rewarding seminars I’ve taught in years because I got to be with the guys. I got to be one with them; I got to know them. It was just fantastic, and we learned together. It’s all about how to become more successful and harmonious in our relationships and growing.