Let’s get physical: 5 YL products for your fitness resolutions

Have you caught the spirit of the new year? We love this time of year and the new dreams, goals, and possibilities it brings. If you’re like most people who make new year’s resolutions, you probably jotted down one—or two or three—fitness goals for 2018. That’s why we filled January’s PV promotion with goodies that are sure to be your new gym buddies.

See why we love to use products such as Copaiba, Deep Relief™, PanAway®, and more to support an active and fit lifestyle, then place your qualifying order to get these products for free! Click here to learn more!

Copaiba Essential Oil - Young Living


  • Combine Copaiba with a carrier oil and rub it into muscles and joints for a warm, woodsy post-workout massage. It’s the perfect treat after your hard work!
  • Diffuse Copaiba in your yoga space or apply it topically when you attend class at a studio. The relaxing aroma is great for exploring the mind-body-spirit connection.


  • Rub PanAway into shoulders and neck with a carrier oil before or after a workout for a tingling, invigorating sensation.
  • Use a combination of PanAway and Epsom salt in a steamy bath for a spa-like retreat after your gym session.

Young Living's Super Cal Plus Calcium SupplementSuper Cal Plus™

  • Take 2 capsules daily with food to support the structure, integrity, and density of bones with Super Cal Plus. It uses bioavailable calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals to support and contribute to the maintenance of healthy bones.*

Deep Relief™

  • Add a roller fitment to your bottle of Deep Relief for an on-the-go mini-massage. Keep your roller in your gym bag, car, desk, or anywhere you need it!
  • Apply Deep Relief between reps or when you need a break. Its refreshing aroma and tingling sensation are perfect when you need a quick breather.

Spearmint Vitality™

  • Add 1–2 drops of Spearmint Vitality to your glass water bottle when you run errands, hit the gym, or work at your desk. Add slices of fresh fruit for even more flavor and fun!
  • Give yourself a post-workout treat by adding Spearmint Vitality to your serving of Pure Protein Complete™; we love it with our Chocolate Deluxe flavor!

What Young Living products are your must-haves for your active lifestyle? Tell us your tips and tricks in the comments!