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When you first discover the amazing benefits of essential oils and want to purchase them, it can feel overwhelming to navigate that world, especially as you try to avoid added ingredients and fillers. You know it’s important to trust the essential oil companies you buy from, so there’s no better option than the one that started the essential oils movement! With Young Living’s Seed to Seal® commitment, you’re ensured that the essential oils you choose meet the highest quality standards and are 100 percent pure. You can also know that you’ll find high-quality, natural ingredients in Young Living products, so you can feel confident in the oils you’re purchasing.

There are three easy ways to buy Young Living products—find the one that works best for you!

Lantern Diffuser | Young Living essential oil

Option 1: Buy essential oils online

Purchasing essential oils is really simple! Thanks to online shopping, any of Young Living’s high-quality essential oils can be yours with the click of a button. You can find Young Living’s Product Guide online, which features an array of essential oils, diffusers, personal care items, and more! Dig deep on these products with descriptive pages chock-full of usage tips, information on product background, and all their benefits!

You can also take advantage of Young Living’s world-class online customer service! If you have any questions about our products, discounts, or reward programs, send a message on our live chat! We also have a fun infographic that explains the different membership options, so you can find the one that meets your needs!

Option 2: Buy essential oils in person

We all love the experience of trying essential oil scents and products before buying them. If you’re visiting or happen to live in Utah, stop by Will Call at our Global Headquarters. When you visit our Global Headquarters in Lehi, you’ll find a wall of oils to try! If you’re a member, visit the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah, where you can purchase products at the Visitors Center. Peruse our products, take in the pleasant scents, and meet other essential oil lovers!

The most exciting way to purchase essential oils in person is during our annual International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, where members can access all of our newest essential oil products and classics, too!

Lavender essential oil uses | Young LivingOption 3: Buy essential oils from a member

The easiest way to purchase 100 percent pure essential oils and oil-infused products is through a Young Living member. There are amazing members worldwide who can help meet your essential oil needs. They have fountains of essential oil knowledge and can teach you tips for all of your oils, even fun tricks like making the most out of your essential oil bottles.

To find a YL business-builder, contact Young Living Member Services. They’re happy to connect you with a local member to help answer any questions you have about Young Living products.

Now that you know where to find essential oils, learn how to use them and find out the 7 essential oils you won’t want to live without!

Where was the first place you purchased Young Living essential oils? If you haven’t yet—tell us where you’ll find them!

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